• Booking
Only the number of a credit card is required to secure reservation of the stay. We need the numbers of your credit card, the expiry date and the last 3 digits on the back of the card. Your card is not charged but is required to guarantee booking your stay.
• Payment
The stay can be paid in cash or by credit card (Visa / Mastercard) at Riad Karmela or by bank transfer not later than one week before arrival. Dirhams and Euros are accepted for settlement of your stay. Given the 5% commission on card payments in Morocco, you can avoid it by making a transfer to a French or UK account before you leave. 

• Transport
The airport is located 8 km from the city. It is strongly recommended to book a chauffeur with the ADVANCE Riad Karmela. (15 Euros up to 3 people or 20 Euros from 4 people can then mini bus depending on numbers) This option will ensure you do not have to negotiate a taxi on arrival, but especially to be taken 1 minute walk from our Riad on Place Ben Salah. Taxis you take yourself at the airport at high risk of leaving you far from Riad and it will be very difficult and challenging to find the Riad.They will also OVER CHERGE YOU !!!!  Thank you notify us if you have a delay. The taxi will be waiting ouside the airport with a sign Karmela/El Nour/ and settlement will be on your bill in Riad. The planes are often delayed and in order not to wait too long your driver, thank you also to prevent the Riad. If you can, book or take a place on the front of the plane because it allows you to be head to pass through customs which can be very long if there are several planes arriving at the same time.
• Marrakech
Imperial city of Morocco and emblem (it gave its name) abroad, Marrakech is a medieval city which has over 700 000 habitants and is always been the tourist capital. Marrakech (third city of the kingdom) is located at 242 km from Casablanca, 334 km from Rabat and Fez 500 km. Marrakech is called the red city because of land colors of all buildings and houses.
• Change in Morocco
1 Euro = approximately 11 dirhams.
There are tickets in Morocco from 20 to 200 dirhams and parts from 0.5 to 10 dirhams.
• Official Language in Morocco
The official language in Morocco is Arabic, but most people speak French or have at least some concepts.
• Taxis in Marrakech
If you do not use public transportation (very cheap and very well served), take taxis, but make sure that the counter is on when driving.The prices are very low (compared to France for example). Les Petits Taxis can not leave Marrakesh. At night the price was legally increased by 50% but often must negotiate the course, especially out of nightclubs. For your longer trips outside of Marrakech, you will need to borrow the Great Taxi (price negotiable).
• Guides in Marrakech
If you want to visit Marrakech and its surroundings, there are the real guides (with their badge) and wrong which guides you approach under cover of a banal discussion (as to avoid the police chases). 
• Time zones in Morocco
2 hours shift in summer. If 14 hours in Morocco it is 16 hours in France.
1 hours offset in winter. If 14 hours in Morocco it is 15 hours in France.
• Water in Morocco
Even if the water is drinkable, we recommend bottled mineral water for sale everywhere in Morocco (Sidi Ali, Sidi Harazem, Danone, Sky, etc ...)
• Health in Morocco
In many pharmacies in Marrakech, there are almost all routine medications. Private hospitals are a comfort and general practitioners very professional. So no worries on that side. Beware of sunstroke.  

• Purchasing in Morocco
All prices are negotiable and debatable within 40%. (except in some shops reported). Know negotiate, trade, enjoy, take your time and stay calm. Beware of "antiques" very expensive and avoid copies (Lacoste, Rolex, etc ...) that may cause you trouble at the airport back home. 

• Tips for Morocco
Know that people are still poor and that your generosity will be greatly appreciated by Moroccans (guards, waiters, maids, shop, miscellaneous personal). Regarding the parking of cars, let the day 5 dirhams and 10 dirhams per night.

• The Driving in Marrakech
Be careful, driving is very special in Marrakech. Between buses, cars, mopeds, bicycles, pedestrians and donkeys should always be focused on the road. The roads are usualy good and maintained although sometimes very narrow (Medina). Belt not mandatory in the city. Speed 40 km / h. Careful to respect the traffic lights and stops because the police watching the night, many vehicles have no lights. Distrust ...

° Arriving by your own car: This can also be a very challenging option if not prepared : need a local map of the city ! The streets in the Medina are very narrow, there are NO street names and from 5:00 pm street are extreamly busy with pederstrians.!!The best option is to enter the Medina by the East of the city through Baab GHAMAT Then go straight along the Lycée Mohamed V and park in a parking which is located 20 meter on the right after the Lycée entrance. There is a little sign: P 24/24. Call the riad and we will send a local trolley men ( Carossa) to help you with the luggage and take you to the Riad.



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