Patios The riad is composed of three houses (riads) so 3 patios. The first is the main patio with Orange,
stress, a ceramic fountain from Fez. During the winter, dinners and breakfast are served in the patio. Patio 2 is a continuation of the main riad with 6 rooms and Suites. The hamamm and massage room are also in this quiet patio. On the other side you will find the patio 3 with blue colors. It’s called “Karmela blue” because it can be isolated and independent with 6 Rooms and Suites.

With the guest house riad Karmela, live best moments of your holiday in Marrakesh, and benifits of the calm and relaxation of it’s patios. Each patio has own decoration and own charm. So choose any place you feel with comfortable and moove with all freedom by considering riad Karmela like your home.