Ecuador Wedding Traditions

Unlike traditional western marriages, Ecuador wedding customs are rooted in its tradition and faith. These traditions make a wedding day exceptional. These traditions have been practiced for ages.

Ecuador wedding practices are often very elaborate. The bride’s halloween costume is normally colorful and stylish. The groom’s attire is normally traditionally traditional. The wedding couple usually have a civil commemoration at a church. The wedding dating a latina tips ceremony ceremony lasts about four latin ecuador brides to five hours. The wedding ceremony includes the blessing on the couple with water, and a great gift from their parents.

Following the ceremony, the few celebrates with food and drinks. One very popular menu includes beef, and a soup. After the third plate, guests are allowed to publish the dessert. The dessert may be a mesa de dulces, or perhaps an elaborate marriage cake.

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The wedding feast is also filled with symbolism. A unique gift will be given to the groom. The groom will probably wear a San Bartolome guitar. He will probably also be baptized.

There is also a candlestick lighting formal procedure. In this formal procedure, the few holds lighted candles.

In conjunction with the marriage ceremony, there are many wedding party customs that help to make the wedding day special. One particular tradition is a waltz. The initially dance is usually a waltz. This is certainly a very popular dance style in Ecuador.

Another custom is the “Compadre” system. The compadres give guidance to the couple and help information them through the marriage. Traditionally, the groom and family pay for the wedding ceremony. They also give gifts to the bride’s parents.